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Clients have paid thousands of dollars for these  SAP Table Relationships diagrams. I've bundled the most frequently used tables that I've built for many Fortune 500 companies.

"We could have used these for our project 8 months ago!"


This is for you if...

You need a set of clear diagrams that illustrate how the many SAP tables are connected without having to peck at the F1 key for each field in numerous screens and transaction codes.

  • You're a business analyst who need to communicate the report requirements, but not 100% sure how the values on your screen are saved in the back-end database tables.
  • Perhaps you're the  developer who was given the world's most sparse functional design document and a handful of sample records to build a "straight-forward" report.
  • You would be over the moon with excitement if I were to and show you the essential tables (such as Material Master, Purchasing, Material Stock Movements, etc.) and how they are connected to each other

What's included this bundle? How about these time-saving guides!

Not only have my clients and coworkers found immense value from these table relationship diagrams, you can now get a copy for a fraction of the price:

1-Page Mapping Diagram

An information-rich, visual guide for SAP Materials Management and Purchasing

3 Actual Scenarios

Bonus: I'll walk you through specific problems that clients have hired me to solve

Run Faster SAP BW

Bonus: My presentation for essential SAP BW Modeling and Query Design (without HANA)

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